The Conference "Metrology of physicochemical measurements" is good opportunity for everybody interested in physicochemical measurements in fundamental, applied and legal metrology. It is a good opportunity to discuss the problems and successes of physicochemical measurements all together.



 (All-Russian Research Institute of Physico-technical and
Radio Engineering Measurements, ROSSTANDART) - scientific support

- technical support and
other organizing tasks of the Conference

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Scientific and technical peer-reviewed journal

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Scientific and technical peer-reviewed journal 


• standards, key and pilot comparisons, traceability
• electrochemistry: pH and pX measurements , etc.
• dispersed parameters of particles in heterogeneous media, including aerosols and suspensions
• spectrometry, chromatography, etc.
• zeta potential
• measurements of properties and parameters of solids
• measurements of air ions
• reference materials
• physicochemical measurements in applied and legal metrology: ecology and
    environmental protection, work areas, clean rooms, food, water, health care,
    basic atmospheric parameters, etc.
• and other area related to physicochemical measurements



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The conference includes oral and poster presentations

Abstracts submitted on time will be published in a book “Metrology of physical and chemical measurements. Abstracts” in Russian and English

Peer-reviewed papers of the participants are going to publish in the Conference Proceedings in Russian. According to the decision of the Program Committee, the best scientific articles will be sent for publication to editors of the scientific and technical journal "Measurement Techniques"

It is possible, the participants will be offered the transfer from the Sheremetyevo airport


Opportunities for sponsorship are still available! Please consider sponsoring this important event.

Sponsorship fee (sponsorship packages):

General sponsor       - 20 000 USD 
Official sponsor         -    3 500 USD 
Sponsor                                   -    2 000 USD

Registration fee     -        350 USD
Registration fee includes - all organizing expenses, stationery, publication of the Conference materials, coffee brakes, lunches and social and cultural events (sightseeing tour and the Conference dinner)


Additional fee

Area for Demonstration of the exhibits                                                                                                                            215 USD / 3 m2
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If necessary, visa support will be provided                                                                                                                                                                  

The proceedings publication licence

The author guidelines

Deadline for submission of the abstracts and advertising materials
- July 25, 2023
Requirements for the abstracts

Deadline for submission of the papers - October 31, 2023
Requirements for the papers will be sent later


Conference working languages: Russian and English


The Organizing committee will offer a special sightseeing tour and the Conference dinner

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